Bosnaplast d.o.o. was founded in 1960. with a program to process plastic material and metalwork processing. For the first 30 years of existence, we have had leading role in fabrication of plastic packaging and technical merchandise in Balkans, and most of our products were for wood industry, food industry, construction and chemical industry. From May 2007 we have been using quality management system according to European standards ISO 9001:2008 and from 2009 HACCP. In July 2002, Bosnaplast became privately owned company and beginning of August same year we started production, reconstruction and modernization which is an ongoing process even today. Our production unit is 6.000 m2 and today we are focusing on PET, HDPE and PP Injection systems.

Today's production program of the factory is based on the plastics processing by methods of injection molding of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and thermoplastics of large and medium mass (PP, HDPE). Production is performed on the machines: Netstal, Krupp and Haitian with the tools made by Otto Hofstetter. Employees of the company have a great experience in the processing of the plastic materials and the acquired knowledge guarantees unimpeded production and the delivery.

Our reliable material suppliers are additional value in our company's goals to achieve deadlines and hard market demands.

Key of our success is in:

  • Long experience,
  • Expertize of our employees and safe work environment,
  • Quality and reliability of our products,
  • Modern technology,
  • Location.

Your benefits:

  • To all our customers we offer products made from best quality materials and with full health safety compliance.
  • All our products were made with most quality tools and machines for best use by our customers.
  • Our large car pool enables timely delivery to our customer’s warehouse.
  • We offer technical support for all ongoing development and ever rising issues.
  • We use raw materials from reputable world producers.
  • We follow all trends in PET form industry.
  • We can guarantee delivery during whole year.
  • We have ability to produce smaller series, as per customer demand.

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